The HR process is part of the strategy of improving individual and collective performance, at the service of the customer. Our goal is to mobilize and develop staff resources for greater efficiency. We want to involve our employees in a professional project allowing us to adapt to different changes..
This project covers several areas.
The choice of our employees is an important and essential step for ACC M. We have developed a complete recruitment process, from the management of applications, to the integration of new hires. Our personnel department also works with local employment partners. We have established business benchmarks that we send to these organizations. Over the past two years, the HR department has managed more than 1,500 applications and made nearly 200 people available for permanent employment.
Welcoming new hires 
The HR department guarantees the quality of the welcome at work. New hires benefit from an induction day devoted to job knowledge and safety. This day is supported for training and communication.
Management of Integration and Professionalization Training - GFIP -  
The GFIP makes it possible to take human resources into account over time and to develop an action plan to address the gaps between our needs and our resources for: 
  • develop adaptability and versatility  
  • guarantee the qualification of personnel  
  • contribute to the evolution of performance. 
The specificity of our professions, particularly in the railway sector, leads our company to develop internal training. Over the past two years, our company has invested nearly 80,000 hours in job induction and internal training. 
Individual skills assessments update individual and collective goals that will contribute to staff performance on the one hand and contribute to the recognition of qualifications on the other.. 

The company benefits from a certification issued by the UIMM (Union des Industries des Métiers de la Métallurgie) as part of the professionalization programs developed to promote our rail repair trades